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Grand Theft Auto (GTA)


In 1997 was published this classic game. This is first GTA. You start this game with file Gtados.BAT. Drag this file to DOSBOX and play. Have oldiest fun.

Duke Nukem 3D


Duke Nukem 3D is classic FPS action game published 1996. You can play on 3 places. 2x on Los Angeles and 1x on space ship. Duke have a many gun. You can start this game with DUKE3D.EXE file. Drag this file to DOSBOX and play.



Doom is oldiest FPS game. Doom was produced on 1993. You can have four weapon. Run this game with DOOM.EXE. Drag this file to DOSBOX and play. I remembered two CHEATS: IDDQD and IDKFA. Go to kill alien now.

Dyna Blaster (Bomberman)

dyna blaster

Dyna Blaster is my favorite old game. Dyna is since 1992. Your enemy kidnapped your wife and you must save her. The game support multiplayer on one computer.