Duke Nukem 3D


Duke Nukem 3D is classic FPS action game published 1996. You can play on 3 places. 2x on Los Angeles and 1x on space ship. Duke have a many gun. You can start this game with DUKE3D.EXE file. Drag this file to DOSBOX and play.

duke1 duke4 duke3 duke2


I remembered a CHEATS:
DNCORNHOLIO – Toggles God mode on/off
DNKROZ – Toggles God mode on/off and toggles infinite Jetpack
DNGOD – (World Tour only) Replaces the DNKROZ cheat
DNSTUFF – Gives all weapons, all inventory items and all keys
DNITEMS – Gives full armor, all inventory items and all keys
DNINVENTORY – Gives all inventory items
DNWEAPONS – Gives all weapons
DNKEYS – Gives all keys
DNHYPER – Gives Steroids
DNSCOTTY#** – Warps to a level
(Replace # with the episode number and the two * with
the level number, e.g. DNSCOTTY203 takes you to Episode 2, level 3)
DNMONSTERS – Toggles monsters on/off
DNCASHMAN – When the Open button is pressed, money is thrown out (Duke is damn rich!)
DNVIEW – Same as pressing F7
DNRATE – Shows the Frames Per Second (FPS)
DNDEBUG – Shows some debugging information
DNSKILL# – Changes the skill level to whatever you input for # (enter 0 for no monsters)
DNBETA – Displays the message “Pirates Suck!”
DNTODD – Displays the message “Register Cosmo”
DNALLEN – Displays the message “Buy Major Stryker”
DNCOORDS – Displays your coordinates
DNSHOWMAP – Displays the entire map
DNCLIP – Toggles Clipping Mode
(If you walk into empty space, such as inside walls, you die.)
(In versions 1.4/1.5, walking into empty space will not kill you.)
DNUNLOCK – Unlocks all doors and opens those that are not locked

Download game Duke Nukem 3D

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