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Welcome to my web pages. Site focuses to old game. You can find your favorite old game and download it. I will be add new game every day. If you dont find your favorite old game, you can send me email or write comment to guestbook.

All game you can see on this web pages are tested on my computer. I will never not add game which you can not start on new computer. The most game are very old and need to work operating system DOS. You need install DOS Emulator (DOSBOX). The site up (How to play old games on new PC) explains how it work. Have a FUN :)


UGH! a prehistoric taxi driver. A young man in prehistoric need a money. He make a manual helicopter and works as a taxi driver.

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Alley Cat

Alley Cat is very old game. I mean since 1984 published from IBM. You are a cat and you must hunt a mouse. But it’s not so simple. On the street, they run the dogs, and you have to hide the garbage.

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Simcity 2000

Simcity 2000 is classic building strategy game. On start game you get a land and some money and you need build a new city. You make a house, power station, hospital, road and many more.

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